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Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Islam: The Cloak of Antichrist (BOOK EXCERPT, 19)

Islam: The Cloak of Antichrist (BOOK EXCERPT, 19)

In the book Islam: The Cloak of Antichrist author Jack Smith examines the role Islam will play during the great tribulation. This excerpt comes from chapter 2.

Muhammad proclaims Allah to be God and himself to be the true messenger of God. He directs humanity to Allah, much like the Holy Spirit directs humanity to Jesus Christ, the Son, and God, the Father (see John 16:13–15). In this role, Muhammad leads humanity away from the true God and offers himself as the true prophet of all prophets. This is precisely the definition of a false prophet, according to Matthew 24:5, 11, 23–24.
Here is what the Qur’an says: “Muhammad ... is God’s Messenger and the seal of the prophets: God knows everything” (Surah 33:40).
The significance of the Qur’an’s claim that Muhammad is the seal of the prophets cannot be underestimated. In the Qur’an’s claim that Muhammad is the seal of the prophets, i.e., the last of the prophets, Muhammad brings the last word of Allah to humanity. To Islam, this word is a “corrective” word; and since the Qur’an claims to correct the words of the Bible, Muhammad’s message bears greater weight than all messengers who came prior to him. Muhammad leads humanity away from the one true God, His Christ, and His message.
Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). We already have discussed the belief of Islam that upon the rising of al-Mahdi, Jesus will descend from heaven and denounce Christians for having made Him out to be the Son of God. He will then demand that all crosses be removed from churches, all pigs be killed, and all Christians either convert to Islam or be killed. The Muslim teaching even states that Jesus will pray behind the Mahdi. How then can Muhammad usurp the role of Jesus, Son of God; change the teaching of the Bible about Jesus, including the teaching of His being “conceived by the Holy Spirit,” as well as the teaching of His second coming; and not be a false prophet according to Matthew 24:24?
Obviously, the only way that Islam can support claims is to label the Bible’s teachings about Jesus as fabrications by Christians. But how can one fabricate the resurrection of Christ upon which Christianity is based? (See 1 Cor. 15:1–8; 12–14; Rom. 1:4). Quite honestly, if Muslims truly believe that Christians (and Jews) have actually fabricated verses of the Bible, why does the Qur’an, on occasion, refer to Jews and Christians using the somewhat positive phrase “People of the Book”? 

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