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Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Rare Earth

Rare Earth

Sometimes a good book is the perfect escape. Little did I know the escape would transport me to a place I’d never been and when I left it, would keep part of my heart. Rare Earth travels across the globe to places in Africa, where humanity is packed into refugee camps and wretched slums. But I promise, this book won’t leave you feeling hopeless. In fact, you will sense something far greater at work.
Davis Bunn’s Rare Earth smacks of a nail-biting Tom Clancy novel with Clive Cussler heart-gripping action. Bunn focuses on the gritty issues facing Kenya: drought, starvation, even a volcanic eruption. But even worse are the deplorable conditions for the uprooted tribes due to land grabs from a greedy, deplorable underworld. Nothing detracts Marc Royce from his mission to find the answers to who is behind the atrocities affecting thousands of innocent people.
And part of the answer is hidden in the lucrative riches of the African soil. Rare Earth takes you inside the heart of the tribal elders who are desperately seeking what we all seek---a home to maintain ancestral heritage and a homeland for the generations to come. As the secrets hidden in the dark soil are unearthed, human weaponry becomes useless in order for good to finally prevail. An ancient warrior’s tactic in an epic battle becomes a modern tool in the African jungle.
Davis Bunn is an award-winning writer, and after reading Rare Earth, the accolades are well earned. In a time when we face economic uncertainty, I needed the reminder that I am indeed rich. Rare Earth exposed more than the riches beneath the African soil; it pointed to the ultimate force that is truly able to restore far more than land. It revealed hope that gives us today, tomorrow and forever. I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Bethany House Publishers.

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