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Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Confessions of a Gadget Hound

Confessions of a Gadget Hound

I would like to confirm that I am an unabashed gadget hound. For me, the fun is exploring something new, discovering how it works and assessing its usefulness. In particular, my focus is on computing and related technologies. My current menagerie of devices includes my work laptop running Windows 8, my personal MacBook Pro, Nexus 7 tablet, iPhone 4, and the new Kindle Paperwhite. My purpose in boring you with that list is to demonstrate that I am neither a windows junkie nor a Mac bigot. Neither am I new to the addiction. My first encounter with personal computing was when I worked for the local Radio Shack after graduating from high school. The TRS-80 had recently been introduced, and I could play with it between stocking shelves and waiting on customers. Eventually, my hobby became my career when the office machine company that I work for decided to grow an IT division. I could bore you with another long list of all the intervening technology, but I won’t. It is interesting though to look back and see how much as changed since the days of Netware and Windows 3.1. Looking back also reveals how much is the same.
In reality, the basic problems that technology is hoping to solve have not changed much at all. There is not much difference between ancient clay tablets and the word processor that I’m using to write this article. Both are meant to record thought. One is difficult to correct, has no spell checker and is tedious to distribute. The other fixes all of those problems but your work can disappear in the blink of an eye and will be obsolete whenever the next version is released. Which is why I enjoy being a gadget hound, the hope that the next new thing will be the perfect fix without introducing new problems.
This blog will not simply be about the glories and heartaches of technology. While I am certain that there will be some tech reviews along the way the primary goal is to explore the intersection of tech and our walk with Christ. Asking how technology has been and can be used to extend our reach, enhance our worship, and improve our communication. While this soapbox allows me to express my thoughts and experiences, I know that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to technology. I look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences as well. Especially what solutions you may have found to the problem being discussed. As a teaser let me encourage you to check back soon for the next article, which I’m calling “Lighting Up Bughouse Square.”

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