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Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

ARAM - Eoban - A Man Among Men

ARAM - Eoban - A Man Among Men

In Aram we are dealing with the world of "far away and long ago" but yet people are people in every age and in every place. Still it is nice to meet up with characters you wish you could really meet. Eoban is one of those characters! He is a man among men! Though he never marries he makes no secret of his love for women - especially strong and admirable woman. He is "brother" and "uncle" to everyone and his common sense strength makes the world he lives in a saner, better place. He is a warrior at heart with a passionate desire to defend the innocent but he can play wildly with little children because he has never forgotten what it is to be a child at heart. He doesn't take himself too seriously though he can be very serious when the situation calls for a well considered response, He has many friends and is loyal even to the point of risking his own life but he won't hesitate to tell someone when they are acting like an idiot or tease, almost unmercifully, a pompous fool. Eoban knows himself and his own worth, and what is more he values those around him. He lives his life passionately, fully and at times defiantly.
When I meet men who willingly sacrifice themselves for others, who speak boldly, who think deeply and who live lives of honor and conviction I am convinced that Eoban does exist - but perhaps by other names, in other times and other places. Perhaps you have met him too.

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