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Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

ARAM - Botherhood

ARAM - Botherhood

Today the term "brotherhood" seems to have taken on some dark connotations as if the very nature of brotherhood draws us into something secretive, something that should be met with suspicion and doubt. In ARAM there are many brother-like relationships between men who are not actually family members but support each other completely none the less. And there are also two young brothers who find themselves in the midst of a dangerous world where they must decide what action to take. Jael is the older brother, son of Jonas and Onias, and though still quite young he feels that his place is with the men in the midst of a coming tribulation. He knows well the cost of failing to face a trial head-on and he refuses to follow the example of his more passive father. But his mother, like most mothers, feels it is her duty to protect her son and she orders him to stay with her and the younger son so that they can flee successfully into the hills. The younger son, Tobia, has to live with the results of his elder brother's reasoning and defiance and yet he learnes to admire the spirit which would not rest at ease in security. It is the younger son who really bears the fruit of the elder's hopes but it is at a cost he must bear for the rest of his life. As Eoban notices years later; Tobia was never a child, he was born a grown-up.
There are children who seem old before thier time. There often a direct correlation between those who have had to deal with the effects of their own family's trials and tribulations and advanced maturity of certain sons and daughters. But trials and tribulations do not have destroy a family for often it only takes one example of faithful hope and enduring love to recast a possible tragedy into a new light where the joy of undying hope is born. Tobia becomes a wonderful character in the continuing story of ARAM and it is against his brother's selfless bravery that Tobia measures his own life. The bar is set high and thus he reaches high and in time he leads others through trial into new hope.

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