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Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Islam: The Cloak of Antichrist (BOOK EXCERPT, 20)

Islam: The Cloak of Antichrist (BOOK EXCERPT, 20)

In the book Islam: The Cloak of Antichrist author Jack Smith examines the role Islam will play during the great tribulation. This excerpt comes from chapter 2.

The Qur’an and Hadith urge Muslims to model their lives after Muhammad. Muhammad urged his followers to “... slay the unbelievers wherever you find them ...” (Surah 2:191). According to Muhammad’s Companions, Muhammad also urged his followers to make the ultimate sacrifice—their very lives in the cause of Islam; and, in exchange, an eternal reward was promised that appealed to the flesh of man:
Servants wait on them as they recline in silk robes on beautiful couches. Male inhabitants of the garden enjoy the attentions of the “huris,” beautiful young women with eyes like pearls. The joys of paradise also include choirs of angels singing in Arabic and the ability to eat and drink 100 times more than one could normally hold.
At the time of Muhammad’s earliest revelations, there were numerous Jewish clans living in Arabia. In Muhammad’s earliest vision, he was sent by Allah to all Arabians—Jews, Christians, and pagans, “to restore the purity of the faith already revealed, preach a renewal, and end the corruption that had crept into daily life.” In Mecca, Muhammad’s earliest revelations instructed Muslims to pray facing Jerusalem (not Mecca, as is the case thereafter).
However, the Jews and Christians living in Mecca rejected Muhammad’s teachings and rejected Muhammad’s claim of being a messenger of God. Over the course of struggles with the Jews of Arabia, Muhammad received new revelations that denounced the Jews for having broken their covenant with Yahweh. Historian Ira M Lapidus reports:
The Qur’an now stressed that Muhammad was sent to restore the pure monotheism of Abraham. Bypassing the Jewish and Christian spiritual legacy, Muhammad’s community would no longer include Jews and Christians, but would be a distinct religion superseding Judaism and Christianity. To carry out his mission, Muhammad went on to exile two of the Jewish clans, execute the male members of a third, and seize their property for his followers. By winning over the Medinan pagans and destroying his opponents, including the Jewish clans, Muhammad made all of Medina a Muslim community under his rule.
It is important that we know the history regarding the formation of Islam. Muhammad initially included Jews and Christians in his revelation from Allah. Jews and Christians rejected Muhammad as a true prophet of God. Muhammad was found, in fact, to be a false prophet by his own contemporaries at the time of his revelation from Allah. Muhammad’s response? He simply eliminated those who opposed him, formed his own religion, and declared that Jews (and Christians) had corrupted the Bible. Here is an account of Muhammad’s elimination of one of the Jewish tribes, the Banu Qurayza:
Thus some six hundred to nine hundred men from the Qurayza were led on Muhammad’s order to the market of Medina. Trenches were dug and the men were beheaded, and their decapitated corpses buried in the trenches while Muhammad watched in attendance. Male youths who had not reached puberty were spared. Women and children were sold into slavery, a number of them being distributed as gifts among Muhammad’s companions. According to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad chose one of the Qurayza women (Rayhana) for himself. Qurayza property and other possessions (including weapons) were also divided up as additional “booty” among the Muslims.
Perhaps the words of a former Muslim will help us to understand this point. Mus’ab Hassan Yousuf is the son of a former HAMAS leader, Sheik Hassan Yousuf. The son converted to Christianity and made the following statement in an interview on BBC Arabic TV, aired on March 12, 2010:
In a recent interview, Mus’ab Hassan Yousuf, son of West Bank Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousuf, said: “The Koran suffers from a split personality, and the God of Islam suffers from a split personality.” The younger Yousuf, who collaborated with Israeli intelligence, converted to Christianity, and now lives in the U.S., said that it was “the terrorist and murderous character of Islam, which incites people, through the Koran, to kill people and blow themselves up.” In the interview, which aired on BBC Arabic on March 12, 2010, Yousuf stressed that his problem is not with the Muslims themselves, but “with the God of Islam and with the Prophet of Islam.” The Prophet Muhammad—“the supreme role model of the Muslims”—was, according to Yousuf, a “false prophet,” who “killed the Jews of Khaybar, of Qureiza, and of Nadhir ... killed their children and captured their women.”
Muhammad is a false prophet within the meaning of Matthew 24:24 and related scriptures because he puts himself over Jesus Christ and leads humanity away from the true God and His Son. Muhammad is also a false prophet since he is not a descendant of Isaac, the son of promise, according to Genesis 17:1–2, 19–21. This passage renders Muhammad’s claim of being the seal of the prophets as a false claim and, therefore, renders Muhammad as a false prophet. Allah is similarly a false Christ since he is not the same god as Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Lastly, Muhammad is the supreme role model for Muslims. In this role, he serves as a model for suicide and death in the name of Allah, hardly characteristics worthy of a true prophet. 

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