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Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

What the Devil?

What the Devil?

The drought, the heat and the long days have had their way with the gardens and the farms lately and as a friend and I joked yesterday – some people pay a lot of money to get their bodies purified but all we have to do is stay home! In a way it is a reflection of God’s perfect plan. It is only under stress that the body gets purified and so it is often true with the soul as well. As Scott Hahn reminded me a couple weeks ago in one of his talks – it is when God catches us in our sin (our brokenness from Him and His plan for us) that He really blesses us for then we have to face ourselves more honestly.
So is the drought a punishment from God? Probably it is just a natural consequence of living in an imperfect world but THAT in itself is an important reminder. This is not our HOME and we should never expect more from this world than it can possibly give us. As our bodies are being purified – are we taking this opportunity to purify our souls as well - of sinfulness, anger, injustice and any thing that distances us from God who is the One to take us to our real and perfect HOME?
It is good to remember that we do not live in this world alone. There is a devil who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls and he would like nothing better than to stress us out so as to get us to hurt ourselves and each other and to deny that God really loves us. He is like a soul-drought that can never be purifying but is rather petrifying instead. His kind of stress we do not need and the refreshing water of prayer is the only cure to that distress.
My family and I have prayed for rain and we have wished until our wishers are sore but we cannot bring the rain (though we have tried leaving the sand box open repeatedly and once upon a time that seemed to bring on a down pour!) But we are not God. We are humans with noticeable limits. We cannot lasso a cloud from the north, south, east or west. So we accept this trial, we endure and we try to make the most of this time in our lives. Perhaps as our bodies are being purified - so are our souls. Well, it is an encouraging thought. God knows.

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