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Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

The Coach's Voice

The Coach's Voice

The basketball bounced into Stephanie's outstretched hands. This was her first season on the junior high team, and her heart pounded with excitement as she scooted around the other team's players. She heard someone yell, "Play number five!" Stephanie recognized the voice of Coach Howard and remembered the play they had practiced. But the game is almost over, and the basket is so close! she thought. With a quick pivot turn, she threw the ball hard toward the basket--but the defense had closed in, and her shot bounced off the rim. The crowd groaned as a tall girl on the other team grabbed the ball and started dribbling fast toward the opposite end of the court.
After the game, Coach Howard sat down on the bench beside Stephanie. "Did you hear me call the play number?" Coach asked.
"Yes," Stephanie admitted tearfully, "but I . . . I thought I had the perfect chance to make some points! I'm sorry."
Coach Howard nodded. "I think you've learned a good lesson," he said. "Next time I'm sure you'll listen."
Stephanie went to the locker room, changed her clothes, and ran out to ride home with her dad. "Good game, Steph," he said.
"I shouldn't have tried for that last basket, Dad," Stephanie replied sadly. "I feel awful. I heard Coach Howard call a play, and I should have done what he said."
Dad was quiet for a moment. "Steph, I think I know how you feel," he said. "I'm afraid I don't always listen to my coach, either."
Stephanie gave Dad a puzzled glance. "I didn't know you had a coach," she said. "Who's your coach?"
"God," Dad said quietly. He smiled. "There are times when I know God wants me to do a certain thing," Dad explained, "but I seem to think I have a better plan than He has for me, so I just go my own way."
Stephanie sighed. "That does sound like me," she said. She smiled and added, "I'm glad Coach Howard let me stay in the game. I learned a lesson I'll never forget--and I'll remember it, too, when I know God is telling me something."
Do you hear God’s voice through His Word and through wise people? Do you listen to God and obey Him, or do you go your own way instead? He knows what’s best for you, and His plan is much better than yours. Think of one thing He wants you to do today—perhaps it’s to do chores cheerfully, be a friend to someone, or give some of your money to God’s work. Whatever it is, obey His voice—His prompting—and do what He asks you to do.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: (Joshua 24:24)
The Lord our God we will serve, and His voice we will obey.!/RadioVoceaEvanghelieiGermania 

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