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Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Marital Bliss or Divorce? Where Are You Heading?

Marital Bliss or Divorce? Where Are You Heading?

Marital Bliss or Divorce? Where Are You Heading?
Every action is a step but it's not too late to do "an 180" and to change our old ways and to choose better ways and to better honor, support and love our spouses. It's important:
Because God said to it is. The Legacy of our families and our children's families depend on it. It is an open expression of how great our love is for when we love those who know us the best and worst, we are most like God. It shows grace, compassion and understanding. It keeps the very sanctification of our marriage and lives intact for when we love in spite of ourselves and others we are most like God.
What are you choosing? There is not a day that goes by that you don't grow closer to one or the other?
Have you forgotten your first love? Do you remember the love of your youth? No, not your childhood or your high school sweetheart but the one you are married to now!
Every day you take a step closer. Which way are you heading? Towards irreconcilable differences or towards a Golden anniversary. Are you romancing your spouse or are you going through the motions?
Three Things to Avoid to Keep Your Marriage Alive
1. Busyness. If your life is too full there is no room to be spontaneous and no margin for romance and too tired to care. Do you finally get to bed time to collapse to sleep or do you keep a little love in your tank for later?
2. Volunteering. Do you over volunteer. Do you look too much to serve others? Are you too involved in the lives of others and too busy to care about your own? Volunteering is Good. Really good. But when you "over volunteer" to the detriment to those in your own home, it is sin and is a pathway to disaster.
3. Kids. Certainly when we have children we are called to invest heavily into their lives so that we might guide them in the way that they should go and to help them develop life skills. But if we never stop to smell the roses and to remember to romance our spouse, then can we truly have a Biblical marriage?
Did any of these strike home? How did they make you feel? If your spouse is still your spouse, it is not too late to make a change for the better. These time tested techniques will do much to make sure your marriage is "one of bliss and not one that you missed."
Three Things to Keep Your Marriage Alive
1. One on One. One on one is not just a basketball game, it is a tenant of a strong marriage. Even Jesus took time to invest in people one on one. Are you? Do you routinely seek out times to spend with your spouse? Do you have energy for everything else before you consider your life mate? Count the times in a month you looked to carve out a special date night for just the two of you. Does it outnumber your children? Does it outnumber your responsibilities? It should! For the "more that a family has going on, the more its participants have to connect to keep it going on."
2. Put your Spouse First. This is going to be hard for MANY of you for many of you don't think this is important or possible but a man and a wife are the very building blocks and tenants for a sound and thriving marriage. We are charged "to cling/cleave to each other" and not our children; the Bible tells us so. Putting your spouse first will take effort and a retraining of our minds at a times a dogged determination that surpasses all understanding, but IT IS worth the effort.
3. Give 100%. Marriage by the world standards is a 50/50 proposition but not by His! Imagine what would have happened if when Jesus came he decided that giving his all to twelve disciples for three years was enough. No really think about it! What would our faith look like now? Would Christianity ever be taken to the Gentiles. What would we celebrate on Good Friday? What Would We Do on Easter? What Would We Do With All These Crosses? What Would the Symbol of Christianity Be? Would There Be One? Seek to resolved today to give 100% for there will be times in your life. Maybe days, weeks, months and even years that you will need to carry the load in your marriage. He did it so I know that it is worth it! This Memorial Day, Make Your Life different by Making today different!
In Christ, 

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