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Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

If you are gay, something has gone wrong (if you are not gay, something has gone wrong with you too)

If you are gay, something has gone wrong (if you are not gay, something has gone wrong with you too)

We are all fallen. All the universe is broken. The fall of man effects us in many different ways. The main way we focus on the effects of the fall is to point out that we die and that we struggle with inward desires to sin. Both of these are, of course, true results of the fall of man into sin. However, we must also notice that the fall of man is thorough, permeating everything.
Why are some people prone to anxiety? Why do some families die younger than others, on average? Why are some people more prone to cancer or heart disease, etc? Answer: we are fallen. The effects of the fall should never surprise us. We can be broken in many ways.
When it comes to what is referred to as “sexual orientation,” we are conditioned to believe that the way we are is the way we are; and the we are is good. However, if a man is attracted sexually to anything or anyone besides an adult female, that is evidence that something has gone wrong. The fall can damage our sexual desires also.
For example, if someone is attracted to children, all of society can agree that something is wrong. However, as Christians, we should not be surprised by such people having such desires. We know why –the fall of man makes all things subject to the damage of sin. So, if someone is attracted to dead people or desires to gratify sexual desires by setting fires (as many pyromaniacs do), or if someone desires to kill humans in order to be sexually satisfied (as sometimes happens), we know that something has gone wrong. Likewise, if a man is attracted to another man sexually, something is wrong –the fallen nature is being manifest.
Of course, I am not equating a pedophile(or pyromaniac, etc) with a homosexual. When two homosexual adults participate in sex, that is sin, but there is not an unwilling victim. The person who sets fire to a home or abuses a child has added to their sexual sins with further sin of harming an unwilling victim.
Some of the ramifications of the reality that homosexual attraction is a result of the fall of man into sin:
1. Saying what this blog says will not make you popular in contemporary culture. In fact, to say what this blog says will make you come off as quite abrasive, even if you are not. Expressing the opinion that homosexuality is anything but normal and healthy will get you hated, and perhaps even abused.
2. Saying that homosexuality is a choice is simplistic and mostly untrue. Although some people might seek to experiment sexually until they produce homosexual desires, more likely, most people have the desires first, then participate in the act. Having the desires may be a result of being fallen, but it is not a sin in itself. Just as having a desire to steal is a temptation, but it is not the same a stealing. The attraction to the same sex might be completely unwanted (I daresay, in millions of cases it is). The act of sin can and should be avoided, though.
3. The issue of “born that way,” is a non-issue. Many argue that if gays are “born that way,” that God wants them that way, and, further, God supports their homosexual lifestyles. However, we are all born sinners. Many pedophiles, no doubt, report that they have always had these wrong desires. They were “born that way.” We are fallen. Being born with a desire to sin or broken desires should not shock us. I have known ( and known of) many gay individuals who had been abused as children, or had detached fathers, etc. Though these things may contribute to homosexual leanings, this does not mean that it must be proven that these are the only causes to homosexuality. If someone is “born that way,” that is not a justification for endorsing the sin. They might be born that way. But we are all born fallen --fallen desires are part of the package.
4. Of course the cross is the answer and Jesus loves us all the same. Relief from this broken body, these broken emotions, this broken mind, all come by faith; relief and full healing for all of our bodies, emotions and minds will not come until the Lord returns. So Christians with homosexual feelings should be encouraged to live holy lives and remember that a time will come when they will be free. 

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