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Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Good Advice

Good Advice

When Daniel absent mindedly picked up Dad's newspaper from the floor, it fell open to a page containing horoscopes. Out of curiosity, he read what they said for his situation, and he laughed at the nonsense. After that, he often read them just for fun, but as time passed, he began to take them more seriously.

"You stand a good chance of winning an argument," Daniel read after lunch one day. I should have read this sooner, he thought. In a neighborhood baseball game just that morning, he believed he had touched home base before the ball got there, but all the other boys said he was out. Daniel disagreed, but he'd given in and gone along with their decision. I'm still sure I was safe, he thought, and I probably could have convinced the other guys if I'd stuck to it.

That afternoon, the boys played baseball again. When Daniel was up to bat, he hit the ball and ran. The shortstop fielded the ball and threw it to first base. "Out!" yelled Jordan, the first baseman, just as Daniel got there.

"I am not out!" Daniel protested loudly. "I got here at least as soon as the ball did, if not sooner."

"You did not. You're out," insisted Jordan.

Remembering his horoscope, Daniel decided he wouldn't give in this time. "It was at least a tie, and tie goes to the runner!" he snapped.

But Jordan didn't give in either. He didn't seem to realize Daniel was supposed to win the argument. A fight broke out, and several boys came running over. To Daniel's surprise, they took Jordan's side and even suggested that Daniel should quit playing.

Daniel walked slowly away from the ball field. Shows how much that old horoscope knows, he thought. I never should have believed it. He shook his head. I'm gonna stop reading those silly things, he decided. Dad says God is the only one who knows what will happen in the future anyway, and I know that's right.

As Daniel walked up his driveway, he remembered some other things his father had said about horoscopes. Dad says horoscopes are like witchcraft and that the Bible says God hates stuff like that. That's kinda scary. I should have listened to Dad and I'm definitely not gonna read those things anymore.

Do you read your horoscope to see what kind of day you can expect? Maybe you think you’re reading it just for fun, but it’s so easy to get used to doing it and feel like you need it. God sternly forbids the use of things like fortune telling or witchcraft of any kind to find out what will happen in the future. Even so-called fun things, like ouija boards or fortune telling games, are dangerous. Listen to God and leave all those things alone.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: (Psalm 118:8)
It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man


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Posted by: Daniel Ioan Notar *DJ_DANY*

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