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Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

Biden's NAACP Speech

Biden's NAACP Speech

Last week, the Democratic party sent Biden to the NAACP to offer an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid. Biden never mentioned the two things necessary for a free people to keep their freedom - jobs and education. Now, Medicare and Medicaid are important for people who fall upon hard times. More important is for people to leave those hard times behind them. What does this expansion mean? More hard times for everyone? More hard times because more people will lack jobs and a decent education?
After the NAACP speech, some people were not pleased.

"It was pretty much to the point," said McKinley Wood, 55, of Houston, "but I would like to hear him talk about the 14.4 percent unemployment rate in our communities, 14.4 percent and surging."

Jobs and education are the two most important things for a free people to keep their freedom. Employment leads to economic independence and economic freedom. Education frees people's minds with wisdom and leads to people making better decisions. Employment and education were what the slave-owners of Democrat south denied the slaves. The bigger the government is, the more control it has over the people. More control government has, the more people become slaves to government. Today, people of all ethnic backgrounds suffer the possibility of becoming enslaved by the government. The Democrats insist a bigger and more powerful government will benefit the people. They used arguments on the basis of compassion. Likewise, a century ago, the Democrat slave-owners advocated slavery on the basis of compassion, because they thought that slavery benefited the slave and thought slavery made life comfortable for the slave.

"the slave has his mutual rights in the master; the right of protection, the right of counsel and guidance, the right of subsistence, the right of care and attention in sickness and old age." (Cotton is King intro vii, pdf 13)

The slave-owners believed that slavery benefited the slave because the master cared for him when he was sick or old. Likewise, Democrats today believe it is the responsibility of a bigger and more powerful government to care for people when they are sick and old. But the government can only do so when people's freedoms are removed because truly free and independent people have no need to depend upon anyone else. Truly free and independent people have full faith and trust in their own capabilities. Depending upon others makes people in debt, and too much debt leads to debt-slavery.
Biden and the Democrats have neglected to mention the two necessary things for freedom - jobs and education. Why should they need jobs and education when master government will provide everything? They idealized the relationship between powerful and powerless "who have been through life the props of his fortune, and the objects of his care ; who have partaken of his griefs, and looked to him for comfort in their own ; whose sickness he has so frequently watched over and relieved; whose holidays he has so often made joyous by his bounties and his presence ; for whose welfare, when absent, his anxious solicitude never ceases." (Cotton is King pg 411, pdf 421)
The slave-owners of Democrat south believed that slavery made life comfortable for the slave. The Democrats thought that when slave labor kept them in power, then they would take care of the slaves.
The owners denied slaves an education because ignorance kept the slave subservient. Some like Frederick Douglass fought to obtain an education, and then used that education to help free the other slaves. When everyone reached freedom, they first sought their own jobs to be self-reliant and to provide for themselves. When they provided for themselves, they achieved economic independence from their ex-masters. Second, they sought an education for themselves and their children. Education enabled them to keep their freedom. Education enabled men like Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King, Jr to fight for more freedom and for equality.
Economic independence is declining in our nation. All Americans suffer the possibility of becoming debt-slaves. The Democrats have no plan to ensure jobs. The Democrats have tried four years, and all they have done is strangle us into more debt. But they love to talk about compassion, and love and benevolence for the poor people. I say that their compassion, love, and benevolence lacks wisdom to comprehend what they are doing. And education today is now dismal. When the African-Americans achieved integrated schools, the government decided to destroy the quality for all people. Now, there is all this talk about going to college and how everyone should go to college... Instead of talking about college, let's talk about how kids 6-17 can learn and gain wisdom. College is considered an imperative for education because kids today learn nothing and waste their time in the public school system. people received stronger and better education with a mere high school diploma fifty years ago than they recieve in college today. Most of the subjects taught in college were once taught in high school..
Biden refused to discuss jobs and education. Because he did not discuss jobs, he does not want them to have economic freedom. Biden wants them to have economic subservience. Because Biden did not discuss education, he does not want them to have mental freedom. Biden's message is similar to the original Democrat message, "Keep master in power, and master will take care of you."

"Our slaves all have homes, are bountifully provided for in health, cared for and kindly nursed in childhood, sickness, and old age ; multiply faster, live longer, are free from all the corroding ills of poverty" (pg 539, pdf 549)

Emancipation meant that they would have to fend for themselves! Denying jobs and education kept them enslaved to their masters because denying jobs and education removed the means for them to provide for themselves. So, by refusing to allow people to have jobs and education, the current administration is working hard to slowly remove our freedoms and our liberties. Lack of jobs and education makes people dependent upon the government and enslaves people to the government.
In the documentary, Runaway Slave, ex-NAACP president C.L Bryant described how the Democrats used the disguise of compassion to take control and to take freedoms away from the people. In another article, I list the disguise of compassion that the slave-owners used to advocate slavery. The Democrat slave-owners believed that when the slaves were freed, then they would no longer have homes, health, and a high standard of living.
C. L. Bryant posted the question:

"Why are we still thinking we are not free at last? What ideas are keeping us down?" Rev. Bryant asks. "For too long, we have been depending on other people for our success. We have to pursue our happiness; our happiness is not provided to us. If we are relying on someone else for our wellbeing, that in itself is a form of slavery."

When the Democrats selected their last president, they did not choose someone who marched for civil rights. The Democrats chose against a member of the civil rights movement. Instead, they selected a man, and the part that makes him African-American has no history in the United States - no history of marching for civil rights, no history of a segregated south, no history of cotton field slavery. This Dem-appointee has no understanding or sympathy with African-Americans because he has no history as an African-American. This is understandable. I had a college professor, African-European, who shrugged off Martin Luther King holiday while everyone else was excited. Martin Luther King, Jr. is an American hero and not a European hero. While this professor admired his own heroes, simply could not feel the same love and respect for the American hero. In fact, he probably felt disinterested. And this Dem-appointee feels the same way for the same reason - no history as an African-American.
When a group of black pastors requested a meeting, the response was: "sit down, be quiet, and vote Dem anyway." And now, we have Biden telling them that master government will take care of them, never considering the economic independence and intellectual independence of African-Americans.

The Coalition of African American Pastors demanded on Monday that President Obama meet with the group to address his stance on same-sex marriage. So far, the White House has refused to acknowledge the group's request but leaders say they plan to "turn up the heat" by asking black Christians to sit on the sidelines for the time being.

The Democrats never bestowed rights upon anyone. Instead, they hijacked the historical narrative to glorify themselves. The civil rights movement was a moment by the people for the people. People of all races marched on behalf of the oppressed. The civil rights movement was a movement to demand the Democrats acknowledge and respect the rights they were born with. The civil rights movement forced the government to submit to the will of the people.

The civil rights movement was the people forcing the government to obey the will of the people.But when they hijacked the historical narrative, "we gave you freedom lovingly," they began to chain us to them. Then people began thinking that we did nothing without them, were nothing without Democrats. And now we have Biden refusing to discuss jobs and education - the two necessary things for freedom - because government is in control.

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