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Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Tortured For Christ. Richard was a friend of mine; I used to serve he an Sabina by doing the gardening at their home in Palos verde California.

Tortured For Christ.

Richard was a friend of mine; I used to serve he an Sabina by doing the gardening at their home in Palos verde California. After a morning of work Sabina would fix me a plate of vegetables, a hard boil egg, and a slice of bread. Richard would come out slowly to the kitchen, his feet hurting from the beatings he received while in prison, and spend time with me in fellowship.
He had a very thick accent and would tell me of the prison fellowship he had through the bars sometimes never seeing the person he fellowship with. Singing praises to God and resisting from memory sections of scripture, the prison fellowship brought many to Christ.
I had the opportunity to hear Richard speak from the pulpit, at our church in Long Beach California and his encouragement to follow Christ through hard times was striking.
Richard and Sabina passed and I was able to attend their funeral and burial at Rose Hills Memorial Cemetery. Occasionally I visit the grave site, which is in the meditation garden. I go to pray and relive the conviction the two brought to my heart through the work of the Holy Spirit.
Biographies are furnished by Richard Wurmbrand's family from the website


Pastor Richard Wurmbrand Biography
Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was an evangelical minister who spent fourteen years in Communist imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. He was one of Romania's most widely known Jewish Believer leaders, authors, and educators. In 1945, when the Communists seized Romania and attempted to control the churches for their purposes, Richard Wurmbrand immediately began an effective "underground" ministry to his enslaved people and the invading Russian soldiers. He was eventually arrested in 1948. Richard spent three years in solitary confinement, seeing no one but his Communist torturers.
His wife, Sabina, also Jewish, was a slave laborer for three years. Due to Pastor Richard Wurmbrand's international stature as a Messianic Jewish leader, diplomats of foreign embassies asked the Communist government about his safety. They were told he had fled Romania. Secret police, posing as released fellow prisoners, told his wife of attending his burial in the prison cemetery. Pastor Wurmbrand was released in a general amnesty in 1964. Realizing the great danger of a third imprisonment, Christians in Norway negotiated with the Communist authorities for his release from Romania. The "going price" for a prisoner was $1,900. Their price for Wurmbrand was $10,000. In May 1966, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand testified in Washington before the Senate's Internal Security Subcommittee and stripped to the waist and showed 18 deep torture wounds covering his body. His story was carried across the world newspapers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Read a portion of this report. Communist Exploitation of Religion Pastor Richard's Testimony from 1966.
Pastor Wurmbrand has been called "the Voice of the Underground Church." His books are best sellers in over fifty languages. You may receive a free copy of the Pastor Wurmbrand's book, "Tortured for Christ" by receiving the newsletter.
Click here for details or call Voice of the Martyrs at 1-800-747-0085 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-747-0085 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
You can have a FREE copy ofTORTURED FOR CHRIST.
Sabina Wurmbrand Biography
Not many women have their faith tested like Sabina Wurmbrand. Her husband, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, was imprisoned and tortured for his faith for fourteen years. Many times the communists told her, "Divorce him, he is dead". But Sabina listened to the still small voice of God, knowing her husband was alive. During that time, Sabina selflessly helped other believers of the Underground Church they had started together while struggling hard for her own and her little son's survival.
Sabina was subjected to unbelievable hardships and suffering. The Nazi's murdered her parents, 4 siblings, and 5 adopted children, yet she never became bitter or resentful but continued to show love to all. Sabina never relented in her endeavors to continue the work her husband had begun, to unite the Underground Church. Living in daily fear of discovery, her faith was tested to the limit and held firm to her love of the God of Israel.
She herself was arrested for subversive evangelism in 1948 in Romania and spent three years as a slave laborer on the never completed Danube Canal. Nevertheless, she survived to tell her story and is truly a remarkable woman of God.
I highly recommend her book "The Pastor's Wife ".
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