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Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

The Sick are Healed Doctor F. F. Bosworth, one of the finest old men there is in the world..

The Sick are Healed

Doctor F. F. Bosworth, one of the finest old men there is in the world... I'm anxious for Congressman Upshaw to meet him. He's going with me to Africa, Mister Bosworth. We want to see him finish his ministry and finish his course with great joy. And he's going to Africa with us. I love him with godly Christian love. And he came into my room, he said, "Brother Branham looky here." Just about a night before this picture was taken. And there he give me the picture of Miss Florence Nightingale, a great-great granddaughter of the late Florence Nightingale from England, that went down into Africa. And she was dying with a malignant growth over the...?... of the stomach. And they held up her picture. And I thought Georgie Carter, my piano player at the Milltown Baptist Church in Indiana, was the thinnest person I ever seen. She weighted thirty some odd pounds, with TB, and been nine years and eight months on her back. And a hour from the time that the Holy Ghost showed me where she's at and to pray for her, she was playing the piano again. And she's my piano player there tonight. Six, seven years ago, she's just as healthy as anybody.

But this woman was almost six foot tall, Georgie was a little woman. This woman was about six foot tall and weighed around thirty-five or forty pounds. And they had her standing up, holding her, and her body with just a small clout around her. Even as hard hearted as I am, it broke me down to tears. And I...she's begging me, "Brother Branham, the last call. Please fly to Africa right away." Said, "I believe if I could just see you, God will heal me." Now, she did not belong to a fundamental church. Then... But she had faith. All the faith don't lie in the fundamental church, or don't-- lies in the Pentecostal church, or the Holiness church. It lays in an individual. I've seen a Roman Catholic come to the platform and be healed miraculously with things. And different people... I've seen in Winnipeg, Canada, a Buddha worshipper, a little blind boy converted at the platform. I said, "You being blind, do you believe." He said, "If Jesus Christus heal me tonight, I'll worship no other God but Jesus Christus." And his eyes come open. There you are. Buddha... I expect to see Indians and Hindus in Africa, and Hottentots brought to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Listen. I prayed, and I said, "God, I can't go down there now unless You lead me. So I ask Thee, Lord, if You'll heal that woman, that'll be a green light." And Brother Bosworth kneeling with me, said, "Go to Africa." Brother Baxter doesn't know about this even. And we joined hands there, Brother Bosworth and I, and my wife, and little girl. And we knelt down and prayed that God would heal the woman. I commit it to the Lord, and let it go. I never knew nothing about that, left it go.

And when Brother Baxter and I, and all of us arrived in London, Brother Baxter and I were going in, which he's listening... setting here listening at me now. When we were going in, I said, "Well, it'll be peaceful here for awhile." So I started up, and they paged me. And when I got there, I was wondering if it was the king's call to come to the Buckingham Palace, (Bro Branham prayed for King George VI during this visit to London) or what it was, immediately. But what it was... [] There was a lady had just flown in front of me from Africa, and they couldn't hardly get her out of the plane: Miss. Florence Nightingale. How she knowed I was to be there, I don't know yet. And I told this minister, I said, "Take her somewhere, and I'll see you in a day or so." We wanted to go down to the palace. So he said, "If she lives that long." Said, "Brother Branham, she's dying." So they got her down to the place, and that day when Brother Baxter and I, and Brother Lindsay, and Brother Moore, the managers, we went down to the place. The minister came and got us, and we went up to the place to pray for the woman. When I walked in that room, friends, I--I--I can't tell you how I felt. There laid a skeleton a breathing.

Now, I'm in a mixed audience. Now, you listen to your doctor, and I'm your brother. Now, please understand me in the right manner. When they brought down the cover, Brother Baxter turned his head. And she wanted... Now, she couldn't talk to me, and I had to get down and let the nurse say what she was saying. And where enough moisture was coming to make tears rolling down her cheeks, I don't know. She wanted to die. She wanted me to ask God to let her die. Well, I took a hold of her hand, and it cold pi--just like bones. Her head here, the skull, how it goes together, you could see the places. Her eyes way back. And on her breast, as a woman, it wasn't, sunk down into her ribs. And when they pulled the cover down to here, her bones... her legs up here at the place, at their sockets, was just about that big around. They couldn't even find any veins to inject glucose or nothing. She hadn't eat for months, could swallow nothing. They had to put the water in her and so forth. And now, they couldn't find the veins to feed her. And there, the ring of her hip bone had growed together, and the skin from both sides of the ring was sticking together like that. You never seen such a sight in your life. I knelt down, and I said, "Heavenly Father, have mercy." I told her, I said, "I'm under no anointing; I've just come down here. But I'll pray, but not for you to die." And I started praying. And she said, "Could you...?..." I was going to get down close, and the nurse said, "She said, 'Brother Branham, I've always believed if I could get near you, God would answer prayer.'" If I was a hypocrite, God would reward such faith as that. That's true.

And when I went to pray for her, just as I started praying... Brother Baxter here is one witness. As I started to pray, a little turtledove flew at the window, begin to go, "Coo, coo, coo, coo." And all... I started down. I said, "Our Father, Who art in heaven..." The little turtledove started going, "Coo, coo." I said, "Hallowed be Thy Name." He said, "Coo, coo," walking back and forth. And when I finished my prayer, and said, "Amen," and asked for her healing, the little turtledove flew away. The ministers remarked. And when I started to tell the woman to console her, the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "She's going to be well." And today, she weighs a hundred and thirty-five pounds in perfect health.

(Extract from WHO HATH BELIEVED OUR REPORT preached by Bro. Branham in Toledo Ohio 19th. July 1951)

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